Saturday, January 30, 2016

Good News

Its a pleasure to see that gas has gone down from the 2.80 a gal to 2.55

and its a joy to see the stock market going back up again.

We have seen so many changes in the world in the last 15 to 20 years

I wish they were all good but that is not the facts.

We do need to focus on the good in the world but at the same time be careful

for the ones that want to steal our joy.

That could be someone flipping you off

Someone stealing your stuff

Someone violating your space, home, apt ect

Well lets talk about the good things

Technology is huge these days all the gadgets smart phones ect

Now they almost have it perfected to have flying cars

There is a  company working on the bullet train which will go about 300 miles per hour

Another company is working on a chamber type transporter that will reach 500 miles per hour

Not to mention they have almost perfected cars you can put on auto pilot

there was a car in the news lately that you only had to drive if you wanted so the question came up

if that is the case who would be responsible if there was an accident ?

The owner of the car ?

The company that made the car ?

How would they know if you decided to start driving ?

I wish you and yours well,

Have a great day
Armand Scheiffele 

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