Friday, September 23, 2016

What have you learned about your profession or hobby this week this month ?

If we are really interested in a particular subject we need to be reading or observing to learn all we 

can about it,then we will be able to take that knowledge and apply it to our business or hobby and 

you should also share that knowledge with others that are interested in those subjects 

You may not care to read thats ok then get that knowledge from observing someone else

or watch all the youtube videos you can find also you may be able to find audio on the particular

subject you can listen to and take notes to get that valuable information then apply it and share it in 

your own words,make your own videos or record it in audio.

                                   Knowledge is power there's no limit 

                                             Make a Plan and get started

                             The Land of Opportunity


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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Ideas For Boosting Your Business

Business Boost

The main thing that we s in business need is Traffic             
There is many ways to get it a few are
Free Traffic
Free Leads
Free Videos
Free  Blogging
Free Social Networks
Paid Traffic
What I wanted to focus on today is Free Leads
its a start why not try it and you will usually
have the option to upgrade if you so desire
the main thing is this relates back to Traffic
you may have to get it out there but it still
comes back as Traffic when  you think
about it that’s pretty cool : )
So lets get it on and get some more
Traffic to our sites because Traffic
means more EYES looking which
means more SALES and that turns
into INCOME 

Have a good day,

Armand Scheiffele
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Anyone For Country Music ?

The Way to Live a Good Life Financially

A. Give Some Money    *** 10 percent or more to your church or several organizations that help other people

B. Save Some Money

C. Spend Some Money

D. Do not live above your means  *** Example Living a Champagne Life on a Beer Income doesn't work

If you need budget help    Learn More

I wish you and your family a Blessed life

Precious Time

Well we are smoking through 2015 can you believe it is already the month

of May.

Its seems like this year just started and now we are creeping up on almost

six months.

Since we know the facts about time and that we all have the same amount of time 24 hours a day.

The question is how are you using your time?

We need time to sleep

We need time to work

We need time to eat

We need time to learn

We need time to raise our children

We need time to be with family

We need time to relax

We need time to think

We need time to spoil ourselves

We need time to have fun

The list goes on and on

So do you feel you are using your time effectively ?

If not what do you feel you should change ?

I wish you and yours well in this journey through life

Image result for time flies



Something to think about,

Armand Scheiffele


Looking For A Business Online

I think the best thing to do is study the different Online Businesses and find

out whatever you can about them. Are they really trying to help people

succeed. You have to know there are some that show a lot of Wealth,

Riches, Mansions, Fancy Vehicles and it goes on and on. Now do you

believe they have your best interest in mind ? It is easy to post flashy

things in front of people and make them think you better get in right

now so you can have that all right now over night. Well when you step

back for a second from cloud 9 back down to earth you need to realize

this doesn't happen over night. However if you are in a great Online

Business with people that care about you and a good step by step plan

and support put in place to help you as you go and with your determination

you will succeed. We have to remember this isn't a easy thing to do or

everyone would be doing it. If you have had the desire to have your own

Online Business that helps move you forward. It may be because you don't

like to be told what to do everyday by your Supervisor. It may be you want

to finally get out of commuting back and forth to work everyday. It make

be that you want to spend more time with your family to share each other's

company and do activities together. What ever your WHY  is that is your

motivation to move forward even if it is small steps part time and set small

goals and increase them as they are met. You could also be more

aggressive if you wish however it is best to start with small goals

which when met shows your progress sooner to inspire you to move

forward  consistently toward the prize.See My Favorite below

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What Business Should You Join ?

Home Business, Work at Home, Internet Marketing, Work from Home

You see hundreds of this type of ads every day

The question you need to ask is which one or ones are the best for you

I think the best one or ones to choose are the ones that the people

involved in the company have a passion to help you profit.

When they have that mindset that is a great place to be and you

know its not about their personal gain.

It has been stated from some of the most successful  business men

that if you put others first and help them get what they want you will

also get what you want. Zig Ziglar

When people are willing to do this and share what they know to help

you it a beautiful thing, this helps you not have to go through the different

trials they had to face and conquer also it gives you a more direct position

to make money sooner due to cutting through the obstacles.

                                                           Home Biz

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Winter to Spring

According to the ground hog we will  be having a early spring for some back east and other locations that are normally extremely cold it may make sense.
However for those of us that are in areas that are normally warmer it is a little hard to believe at this point.
Its nice to enjoy the winter to visit the snow mountains ect but I won't want to live in it for months.
Its also hard to understand how those of you endure the below zero temperatures.


Whatever the winter will be in the next few weeks or months I wish everyone well

Dream Big

                 The thoughts of a wonderful man that is no longer with us
                  here on earth. Jim Rohn
  • Jim was a very successful man and he wasn't self centered about it
  He realized this was not just for him he had a kind heart and started to   share his path to success with others so they too could have options in
 life to provide for their families. 

I hope this was an eye opener for you a lot of achieving success is thinking differently and you will find these are things that are passed on from mentors over time don't limit yourself go forward with a positive attitude

What is Team Work ?

What is team work ?

Team work is working individually and coming together as one unit

It must be a group of people that care about each other and are focused               
on the same goal to succeed and share their skill sets with the team.
Team work is better for everyone because it will be a learning experience
to grow to one mastermind from the fruit of the people involved.
There should never be jealously, back stabbing or any other crap like that
because everyone in the team must honor and protect each other.

You will be learning to make a huge impact in your life in the life

of your team and even impact the world.

What can you accomplish as a team ?                                    
The answer to that is endless
You could have  a think tank and come up with ideas
on how to make a difference in your community or in the
world as a whole.
Teams that take action will build and keep on growing
and will have many stories to tell the world.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Good News

Its a pleasure to see that gas has gone down from the 2.80 a gal to 2.55

and its a joy to see the stock market going back up again.

We have seen so many changes in the world in the last 15 to 20 years

I wish they were all good but that is not the facts.

We do need to focus on the good in the world but at the same time be careful

for the ones that want to steal our joy.

That could be someone flipping you off

Someone stealing your stuff

Someone violating your space, home, apt ect

Well lets talk about the good things

Technology is huge these days all the gadgets smart phones ect

Now they almost have it perfected to have flying cars

There is a  company working on the bullet train which will go about 300 miles per hour

Another company is working on a chamber type transporter that will reach 500 miles per hour

Not to mention they have almost perfected cars you can put on auto pilot

there was a car in the news lately that you only had to drive if you wanted so the question came up

if that is the case who would be responsible if there was an accident ?

The owner of the car ?

The company that made the car ?

How would they know if you decided to start driving ?

I wish you and yours well,

Have a great day
Armand Scheiffele 

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