Sunday, December 6, 2015

Excitement of the Exciting Kind

                                  Excitement of the Exciting Kind

 One of my first memories of this kind was this particular time of year

December, then that BIG day  was coming it was December 25 th Christmas

day. As you can imagine my brothers, sister and I woke up wondering if

Santa Claus had visited our house yet. Then my parents would tell us its not

time yet  go back to bed this happened several times during the night I

remember the excitement was intense.

The anticipation was almost too much to bare!!!! Then while we were trying

to go back to sleep we would say to eachother did you here that ?

you would swear that you heard Santa's  sleigh landed on the


Then several hours later we got the ok from our parents to investigate the

front room for signs of the possible visit from Santa ( remember have you

been naughty or nice ) that can weigh heavy on a kids mind this time of


So as a group we make our way out there wishing and hope for some clue

that he had visited our house, then all the sudden we noticed a bite out of

the cookie and milk we left by the fireplace, then we knew he had been there.

We looked around the room and went to the Christmas tree and found two

colors of Christmas wrap and we asked our Mom way are these shiny and

those are red she explained to us the shiny ones are from me and your dad

and the red ones are from Santa.

This seemed to turn this special day into another level of excitement now

knowing that Santa brought us gifts and if  he may have brought us

something we were hoping to receive from our Christmas list in our minds.

We sat down and started to open our presents you could hear almost

complete silence until the first present was unwrapped then there was

sounds of joy and the wondering of how Santa knew what we had wanted.
After we opened all of our presents there was a mixture of mainly clothes

that we needed and a few toys that we could play with and we were very

thankful to have what we received.            

What if you could have a similar Excitement everyday with your Home